Kavisha 2003: Compra de regalos, disfraces, juguetes, deporte, puericultura y Farmacia
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KAVISHA 2003, S.L.,

KAVISHA 2003, S.L.,

is a young and dynamic company, from which there want to be fomented the products that are made of the region formed by the municipalities of Ibi, Castalla and Onil, also known as the " Valley of the Toy ", a region by a grán industrial manufacturing tradition of qualit products, by companies as important as MUÑECAS FAMOSA, PLAYMOBIL, JUGUETES FEBER, MUÑECAS FALCA, JUGUETES CHICOS, ACTIU, MUÑECAS MARIQUITA PEREZ, NINES DE ONIL, DISFRACES LIMIT SPORT, SAYMA, MUÑECAS ARIAS, MUÑECAS BERJUAN, PALAU HERMANOS, VILAPLANA, BORNAY, etc. Of all they and other small mas, we have selected the products that could sell as articles of gift and have made our catalogue online ready to realize orders for you itself or to give another person. Close to our varied selection of products of boxes of Gift with soaps and other cosmetic handcrafted products, also it will be able to find the original toys of the " valley of the toy ", fantastic disguises, besides articles of puericulture, educational toys, etc. Due to the fact that some articles of drugstore are made, we have decided to create another category for this type of articles though someone of them is not made of the zone, but probably be of his interest. To expire with the in force regulation, the articles that like that need it, collaborators will be served by our drugstores. Also we are creating another section of sports for request of our clients. He will find all of them to competitive prices and with a rapid and effective service of delivery to his domicile or if it is to give another person, in the domicile that indicates us. Our interest is to be able to offer you the better thing as for quality - price refers, claiming at all time his major satisfaction and confidence.